You want to live your best life, be in control of the direction your life is taking and live according to your values and life purpose.

Life is full of daily choices, once you’re clear on what you want your impact on the world to be, take responsibility for those choices day to day becomes easier and I will be there to support you.

As your coach I will help you pro-actively take control by getting clear about who you are and what your unique offering to the world is.

I will be there to support you as you step into your own power and embark on your journey of transformation into your best life.

Our sessions take place on Skype, Google Meet, Facetime or Phone – so it doesn’t matter where you are the world, we can still work together!  However if you’re in the Essex/London area of the UK we can also work face to face.

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As a small creative business you may be wanting to scale up and require an all round senior manger with client, operational and commercial experience in one person that can coach, mentor you and hold you accountable without having to make a long term hire.


I’m delighted to introduce my workshops, starting with Vision Boards. See the latest calendar and book…

How to Thrive

If you’re just surviving and want to master some new habits,  get involved in the 21 day Thrive challenge…